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​​Since I was a child I have been interested in how the imagination works. How the edge of a table can become a cliff, how ripples in a blanket turn into waves in an ocean, and how the eye becomes a camera in a brand new world.

​Toys are handed to us taken completely out of their own context. A submarine removed from the depths or a deer from its forest. The purpose is simple; to incourage imaginative thinking. The experience, however, is more powerfull than any special effect you will see or any sound production you will hear. Those creative realms are great in their own right, but nothing will compaire to the magic you can create all on your own.


While looking through a box of childhood nostaliga I began wondering what kind of world all these toys came from and what they would be doing. With a curious nature , I decided to transport them back home by placeing the in context. These were no longer just toys I found in a box, they were actors in my imaginary world.


In the creation of each photo a new window is formed, a window into to the imagination.

Please enjoy.

~Adam W.

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